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Corn & Wood Pellet Fuel Cost Comparsion Calculation Chart    PDF version


We are just starting to put together a list of various firewood sources for those who do not have access to wood sources. Remember the central boiler is not fussy when it comes to the condition of the wood, it can be any unsplit logs and branches for kindling. If you know of a good firewood supplier you would recommend, call and let us know and we'll add them to our list.

Williams Area Firewood (Note it's also a auto repair business)
541 846-9303 Map

MS Firewood Hotline
(541) 734-0448
6220 Shadybrook Drive
Central Point, OR 97502 Map

Bartow Firewood
(541) 474-0555

Medford Ice
(541) 772-6219
2190 Joseph St - Medford, OR 97501 - Map

Various Firewood Ads in Williams
541 846-8929
541 821-3534
541 488-0208


LOCAL ENERGY INDEPENDENCE EXAMPLES (Showing how some people cut their monthly bills using a Central Boiler for Heating)

An off-grid underground home with Central Boiler in Rogue River, Oregon

A very short video showing no heating or other monthly bills for a resident with a dome house in Williams, Oregon
Live Green - Live Free Video 1 minute long